Chemical Roof Cleaning


Low Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning in Palm Beach County

Tile Roof Cleaning

6612468To some, roof cleaning is a new concept. It is not standard or routine in other parts of the country. In Florida, the sub-tropical climate (which is why we live here) is the perfect living environment for mold, algae, air-borne spores, bacteria & pollen. Chemical roof cleaning is one of the most effective ways to ensure your most valuable asset gives the desired first impression. The roof of your home is the only thing that stands between the harshness of Florida and your loved ones.
South FL Pressure Cleaning always goes the extra mile! Prior to beginning any chemical roof wash, we cover all delicate landscaping where possible, fully irrigate during the cleaning process & finish off with a complete rinse of the roof & the surrounding landscaping. Most companies in the pressure cleaning industry use the same standard chemicals. We always rinse everything before leaving, undiluted chemicals are never left behind. Our two-step process is necessary to ensure the safety to humans, pets/wildlife & landscaping; it also ensures you, our client, a long-lasting effect.

We do not recommend nor offer a “spray & go” service. Roof Chemicals allowed to remain behind can and will re-activate with the first rain. Without the rinse process, those chemicals will fall directly onto your landscaping (without protection) and will likely cause damage. We believe and trust in our process so much that we guarantee our chemical roof cleanings for two years from the date of cleaning.

Asphalt Shingle Cleaning / Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

170591The chemical roof wash (or soft wash) of an Asphalt Shingle Roof requires a special touch. To ensure the longevity and stability of your roof, you should NEVER allow your roof to be pressure cleaned or power washed. The asphalt coating (granules) are not designed or engineered to withstand it. Over time, your roof naturally begins to loose the granules but proper routine soft wash chemical cleanings will impede the natural growth of mold and bacteria from penetrating deeper into the finish of your roof. When properly soft washed, asphalt shingle roofs should not require cleaning more often than every four to five years.
8895548South FL Pressure Cleaning has implemented a soft wash chemical roof cleaning process that strictly follows the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.First a proprietary chemical wash is applied that not only kills the surface growth but also kills the imbedded spores (roots). Step #2 is to complete a thorough, low-pressure rinse (no stronger than your garden hose). Regardless of the process required for your project; we always provide the same landscape protection services.

Two Year Guarantee!

If you select South FL Pressure Cleaning as your service provider, we guarantee our Chemical Roof Cleaning for Two (2) years. You will have peace-of-mind that you chose correctly. If you receive an HOA Notice within those two years, we will return & clean your roof.

This guarantee is not available on Water-Only Cleanings or under limited circumstances due to existing landscaping.